The story of a Photographer

This project focuses on the art of photography through the audiovisual stories, mainly honouring the masters in the scene of Latvian photography art. The main emphasis in this project is brought to the photographers who were active in the 1980s and 1990s, right after the Restoration of Latvian Independence.

Master of photography, Gunars Janaitis in one of the audiovisual stories reveals that: “Photography is thinking, photography is not just an index finger of the right hand, pressed down by a centimetre”. 


“The Story of a Photography” is continuing the project “The Story of One Painting” and consists of 8 audiovisual stories. Each story is dedicated to one significant master of photography, whose works are exhibited in the Permanent Display of the Latvian National Museum of Art. In short videos, the photographers themselves define what photography is for them and explain the idea behind their lifelong work in the field of photography. 


The different ideas about the context behind the work of photography is portrayed through the eyes of following masters: Gunars Binde, Inta Rutka, Gunars Janaitis, Mara Brasmane, Andrejs Grants, Egons Spuris, Gvido Kajons and Zenta Dzividzinska. 


The project was created with the support of the law firm “Ellex Klavins”.

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