ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall offers its younger visitors attractive learning materials for exploring the exhibition – colourful, interesting, thought-stimulating worksheets. 

Worksheets are available in all the major exhibitions at the ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall and can also be downloaded at our webpage. There are two types of worksheets with differing levels of complexity. We recommend each of our younger visitors to select tasks corresponding to one’s age.


We encourage parents to offer these tasks to their children or, if the child has not yet mastered writing and reading skills, to explore the exhibition together by finding which fragment belongs to which artwork, by looking for clues to solve a riddle or by talking over simple details of the exhibition.


We are convinced that everyone needs a little change, hence we also invite teachers and pupils to replace their usual learning environment and to organize a class at the museum. The worksheets will be of great help since created with an intention to actively involve children and youngsters in exploring the exhibition and to increase interactivity between students and the displayed works of art.



P: (+371) 67 716108


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