Sculpture Workshop “Re-Make”
Creative workshop for preschools and schools at the exhibition “Artistry. 100 Years of Polish Sculpture”

From March 27 until April 13 we invite schools to learn more about recycling in art. 

At the exhibition “Artistry. 100 Years of Polish Sculpture” you will meet with various art techniques. During this workshop we will create our personal recycle art objects, inspired by the exhibition.

The recycle art can serve as a way to raise attention and talk about recycling, mass consumption and human impact on nature. In beginning of the workshop children we explore the most interesting artworks at the exhibition.  Afterwards the will have a chance to participate in the creative workshop and create their own art object, using a wide variety of materials. We will learn to reinterpret the well-known materials and learn more about socially active and conscious art process.

The workshop is available only in Latvian!



T: (+371) 67 226467


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