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The Magic of Light

Lamps from the 20th Century till the Present Day

16. FEBRUARY1. APRIL. 2012
Museum of Decorative Arts and Design: the Great Hall

Gaismas motīvs auduma apdrukā
16. FEBRUARY1. APRIL. 2012
Lampu kupolu darbnīca
16. FEBRUARY1. APRIL. 2012
Gaismas spēles
Nodarbība bērniem
22. FEBRUARY31. MARCH. 2012
Gaismas objektu radošā darbnīca
Bērniem no 10 gadu vecuma
10. MARCH. 2012
Sarunas par gaismu
Tikšanās ar izstādes kuratoriem Inesi Baranovsku un Rolandu Krutovu
14. MARCH. 2012
Bauhaus un lampu dizains
Intas Pujātes lekcija
22. MARCH. 2012
Pavasari gaidot
Ģimenes diena
31. MARCH. 2012
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The creation of the long lasting electric light bulb in the year 1880 by the American inventor Thomas Alva Edison is not only a fantastical achievement in the field of engineering, but also a turning point, which started a new century in the world's visual perception and thinking. The task of the exhibition ”The Magic of Light”. Lamps from the 20th Century till the Present Day” is to show the differences of light perception in our minds and life in the flow of time and reveal the stylistic peculiarities and aesthetic ideals of each period separately, as well as deal with experimentations in the field of lighting and application of materials Lamp is perceived as a design object and a source of light together, which transforms the our space of living creating inimitable atmosphere.

The display of the exhibition contains functional lighting objects for daily use, splendid objects of decorative art, unique artworks and excellent products of industrial design. Alongside lighting objects there are also paintings, photos and works in textile materials, accentuating the dominant of light. The particular kind of object selection aims to extend our paths of imagination, allotting an extra dimension for our light perception and understanding of semantics. Viewers of the exhibition will have an opportunity to enjoy artworks by the Latvian painters Jānis Valters, Jāzeps Grosvalds, Romans Suta, Ģederts Eliass, Līvija Endzelīna, Auseklis Baukšķenieks, Jānis Avotiņš and Aija Zariņa - all from the collection of the Latvian National Museum of Art, as well as get acquainted with the latest artworks of the Latvian artists Ieva Iltnere, Vineta Kaulača, Magone Šarkovska, Alnis Stakle and Andris Vītoliņš   

The display chronologically embraces the period from the beginning of the 20th century till the present day. The creation of the historical survey of the exhibition - our path, beginning from the lighting objects characteristic to Art Nouveau, leading to the stylish lamps of Art Deco and next going to the lighting objects designed at the Soviet time - was possible thanks to the collections of the Riga History and Navigation Museum and the Latvian National Museum of History. Many objects from these collections are exhibited for the first time. The Museum of Decorative Art and Design, in its turn, is represented by unique artworks, which characterize the art styles of each epoch and astonish us with individual artistic approaches. The viewer will surely pay attention to the lamps, created by the outstanding Latvian artists Romans Suta and Džems Bodnieks, LED lighting objects by Aldis and Marija Karkovski, compositions by Juris Gagainis, the off beat lighting object ”The Shadow Factory 1724/89” from the collection ”House Jazz”” by Māris Gailis, attractive and unusual lamps “The Cucumber” and “The Snail” by Arvīds Endziņš, as well as other artworks and design objects by renowned Latvian artists.     

Alongside the artworks and objects from the collections of the museums there is a display of artworks and successful design products created by Aigars Lenkēvičs, Andra Gulbe, Baiba Linga-Bērziņa, design  studio ”Esetti”, Ērika Māldere, Gints Zilbalodis, Ilze Začeste, Kristīne Šica, Ievas Kalēja - brand “Mammalampa”, Marta Ģibiete, Pēteris Martinsons and the brand „Mājas Deko”. A special guest in the exhibition is the Lithuanian artist Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė, who loves innovations and experiments with crude industrially produced elements working them over applying textile handicraft techniques.

Extraordinary accent to this particular exhibition is added thanks to the responsiveness of the design companies INRE Scandinavian Design and INSPIRA. Both companies made a selection of the world's most outstanding lighting design products, which now we can enjoy in this show. The production of the both companies tells us stories about remarkable and successful creative tandems of the designer and the manufacturer developing new products.

The design company INRE Scandinavian Design is a kind of Scandinavian design ”embassy” in Latvia, which offers to its customers lighting objects, furniture and accessories. Among the most remarkable objects in this display we can mention the lamp ”Snowball”, created in 1927 by the famous Danish designer Poul Henningsen, as well as the Brit Kornum's designed lamp ”Norm 3”, which in the year 2003 received the prestigious ”Formland” award.

The design company “Inspira”, in its turn, which is the official representative of the Italian brand “Viabizzuno” in Latvia, offers the design products of the leading European designers. One of the most interesting objects in the show is the big size lamp ”The Great 1”, which is a creative transformation of the classical table lamp “L-1”, created way back in the year 1927 by the company ”Luxo”. Numerous viewers of the exhibition will, probably, recall it as the Big lamp and the Small lamp from the short films produced by the film studio ”Pixar”. 

Text by: Inese Baranovska

Curators of the exhibition: Inese Baranovska and Rolands Krutovs
Exhibition designer: Jurģis Krāsons 


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The Latvian National Museum of Art, K.Valdemāra iela 10a, Rīga LV-1010, Latvija