Wool felting workshop

Within the frames of the Textile workshop the museum offers visitors to try their creative potential participating in the wool felting activities where they acquire the basic rules of the technique. 

Wool felting is one of the oldest textile techniques which developed far back into the past in Asia - the steppes of Mongolia. Traditionally felt was used for creating various textiles: tents, wall hangings, cushions, everyday clothing, such as footwear, hats, cloaks and masks. Today the technique of wool felting has regained its topicality, and has been applied for both: functional and decorative application. There are several ways of felting. The workshop under the guidance of the textile artist offers to try one of the easiest ways of felting which opens up great chances for small size and refined object creation. Uncarded wool fibre must be placed upon the working surface fashioning the eventual shape of the object. With the help of a special needle the fibre is continuously pinned through turning it into a dense, decorative material. It is possible to create an ornamental design by combining wool fibres of various colours one upon another. The skill of felting is not too complicated to acquire. Felting can be done quickly, but like every creative process it demands patience, attention and imagination.


Available only in Latvian!



The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design / Skārņu iela 10, Riga



With prior reservation



5,00 EUR for adults; 3,00 EUR for children, students, and seniors



Pieces of fabric for experimenting and a piece of light, cotton fabric – a handkerchief or napkin



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