TERRA INCOGNITA: Spain from a diplomat’s perspective
25.03.2017 16:00
The former Ambassador of Latvia to Spain OĻĢERTS PAVLOVSKIS will talk about cooperation between Latvia and Spain at various periods of time and historical peripeteia. Photographs will reveal state diplomatic receptions and provide an introduction to Spain.

The opportunity to view the Prado 12 Characters and the Francisco de Goya, Los Caprichos exhibitions guided by art historian Vita Ozoliņa will be provided to participants as part of this activity.


Those who are always travelling – in thought or in reality – are awaited on Saturdays by Jēkaba Ceļojumi in collaboration with Art Museum RIGA BOURSE’s Terra Incognita Travellers’ Club. The activities are an introduction to far away exotic lands, their past and present, and with places that are currently particularly favoured by tourists.  



Art Museum RIGA BOURSE / Dome Square 6, Riga



Adults – 3.00 EUR; pupils, students and seniors – 1.50 EUR



T: (+371) 67 225209

E: Vita.Ozolina@lnmm.lv


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