12 Characters Sketching Activity
Sketching workshop with the Duende Flamenco Dance Club dancers
08.04.2017 12:00
In the introductory part of the workshop, participants will have a guided tour of the Prado 12 Characters Exhibition. The viewing of the exhibition will be followed by a practical creative activity, during which the basics of sketching will be acquired under the guidance of a professional artist. The Duende Flamenco Dance Club dancers in their flamenco costumes will take on the role of models.

About the dancers: The Duende Flamenco Dance Club provides an opportunity for fans of Spain, living in Latvia, to experience the culture of this country’s southern province of Andalusia through the art of flamenco. No prior experience required! A professional artist will provide advice about catching the movement of figures in a sketch.



Art Museum RIGA BOURSE Great Exhibition Hall, Little School



Entry ticket to the Great Exhibition Hall



The number of places is limited (25 persons)

T: (+371) 67357536

E: Maija.Mackus@lnmm.lv

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