Latvian National Museum of Art receives gratitude for its availability to all members of society
On the 23rd of August, 2017, the association “Babyroom” awarded the most family-friendly places in Latvia in 2017.

During the event Aigars Bolis who is the representative of the organization of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons” expressed his gratitude to the Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA) for its availability to all members of society, despite the fact that the main building of the LNMA is historic and its adaptation requires more effort and investment.


The association “Babyroom” in their website ( gathers information of places which are comfortable to visit with the whole family. The main criteria - easy access, baby changing room, entertainment for children, special offers for families, friendly and supportive attitude towards children and families, as well as the availability for a baby feeding chair.


The organization “Apeirons” is a NGO where people with and without disabilities are together. The main goal of the organization is to fully integrate people with disabilities in society.