The Latvian National Museum of Art opens a new permanent display at the Museum Storage Facility: Forest of Sculptures. Antique and Renaissance Plaster Cast Exhibition
From 29 October 2020, the Latvian National Museum of Art invites to visit the “Forest of Sculptures”, a new permanent display of Antique and Renaissance plaster casts at the Museum Storage Facility in Riga (Pulka iela 8). After almost a decade, copies of world-famous sculptures from the collection of the Foreign Art Department of the Latvian National Museum of Art will be available to the public again.

The new exhibition is a display of copies of artistic masterpieces from the Classical period – Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome – as well as the Renaissance in a contemporary format. The concept created by the exhibition designer, sculptor Gleb Panteleyev, is the ‘Forest of Sculptures’, in which time and space merge into a single unity, observing the chronology of art history and the principles of collection managament.


The artworks on view, with more than a hundred years history, are copies of world-renowned sculptors, such as Myron’s Discobolus, Praxiteles’ Hermes and the Infant DionysusAthena Giustiniani, Verrocchio’s David with the Head of Goliath, Michelangelo’s Moses, and it is only part of the sculpture collection of Antique art and the Renaissance era, stored in the Foreign Art Department of the Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA). The core of the exhibition consists of sculptures commissioned for the Column Hall in the early 20th century by Dr. Wilhelm Neumann (Carl Johann Wilhelm Neumann, 1849–1919), the first director of the LNMA (at that time – the Riga City Art Museum). The display also includes works inherited from the University of Latvia’s Art Cabinet and the Courland Provincial Museum. The sculptures were exhibited in Riga Castle, at the former Museum of Foreign Art from the 1950s until 2010. After the fire in Riga Castle in 2013, the sculptures were stored in temporary premises and were not available for public viewing.


The repository of four museums (Latvian National Museum of Art, National History Museum of Latvia, Literature and Music Museum, Riga Film Museum of Latvian Academy of Culture), known as the Museum Storage Facility, was opened in December 2019. Gradually museum objects were moved to their new home on Pulka Street. The transfer of the Foreign Sculpture Collection ended in March 2020 with the solemn transportation of the Michelangelo’s Moses plaster cast.


Sculpture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome plays a crucial role in the acquaintance and study of the history of art and culture. However, today, most of the original artworks have been lost and the remaining pieces are scattered all over the world. Therefore, the new permanent display of copies of ancient sculptures provides a unique opportunity to explore Europe’s cultural heritage.


Teachers of schools, universities, arts, culture and drawing and their students will be offered an educational programme and a place for creative lessons. Visitors will also be able to discover the sculptures with the help of a virtual guide on tablets provided by Samsung.


The Antique and Renaissance Plaster Cast Exhibition will be open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11.00 to 17.00. For security and helath reasons, the number of visitors to the exhibition is limited to 15 people.


Exhibition visit without using the services of a guide and a virtual guide is free of charge. Other services to the display will be available for purchase using the Mobilly mobile payment app, as well as payment by invoice.


Registration for visitors:

Ph: (+371) 67 357525






Mare Heimrāte, Foreign Art Department Exhibition Curator at the Museum Storage Facility / 

Latvian National Museum of Art



Gleb Panteleyev, sculptor




- Please do not visit the museum, if you have symptoms of respiratory infection, are under self-isolation, quarantine at home or strict isolation. The museum reserves the right to deny entry to persons with symptoms of respiratory infection and ask them to leave the museum.

- Starting from 14 October 2020, every museum visitor from the age of 13 must wear a face mask or protective face shield.

- Please use contactless payment and bank cards or register on Mobilly mobile app and conveniently purchase tickets on your phone.

- Please observe a distance of 2 metres from other visitors and museum staff, follow information in visual guides and audio announcements and the directions of the museum staff.

- Please take care of hand disinfection. Regular cleaning, incl. disinfection, of the premises and surfaces is carried out in the museum.

- Before visiting the LNMA, please check out our latest guidelines regarding prevention, and risk reduction regarding transmission of the current coronavirus in COVID-19 section on museum’s homepage.

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