A special mobile guide created to explore the exhibition “Forest of Sculptures”
A special mobile guide created to explore the Antique and Renaissance Plaster Cast Exhibition.

The exhibition guide allows you to get acquainted with the copies of world-famous and also lesser-known sculptures of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Renaissance, which can be seen in the Museum Storage Facility. With the mobile guide you can erxplore the history of the collection of plaster casts, as well as the creation of the exhibition. Furthermore, it gives an insight into the art periods represented in the exhibition.


Sculpture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome plays a crucial role in the acquaintance and study of the history of art and culture. However, today, most of the original artworks have been lost and the remaining pieces are scattered all over the world. Therefore, the new permanent display of copies of ancient sculptures provides a unique opportunity to explore Europe’s cultural heritage.


The “Forest of Sculptures” mobile guide is available in Latvian, English and Russian HERE.


The project has been created thanks to the support of the State Cultural Capital Fundation for the reduction of the impact of Covid-19 within the framework of the target program "Cultural offer in the digital environment".

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