The Latvian National Museum of Art received a gift from two artists of the exhibition “Voice of Glass Collaborative”
The Latvian National Museum of Art has received a gift from two participants of the international exhibition “Voice of Glass Collaborative”: Japanese artist Rui Sasaki and Chinese artist Suojia Zhang. Exhibition took place at the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE from 11 February to 1 August 2021. Now artworks from both artists will enrich the collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.

Rui Sasaki (Japan) Weather Mirror. 2020. Glass, phosphorescent glass mixture, mirror, metal, UV light. Diameter: 50 cm

The work is made with numbers of glass shards contained phosphorescent glass mixtures. Phosphorescent glass mixture will react to the flow of people’s movements. Movement dictates the brightness and darkness of the work as well as the weather of the current day. The work is unpredictable and ephemeral. The work is never complete without viewers.


Suojia Zhang (China) Upon The Evocation of Memories. October 2019–January 2021. Glass. 7 items: 1- 35x32x9 cm, 6 - 22x10x5 cm each 

The grief associated with the demolition of the artist Suojia Zhang's birthplace is depicted in the form of a hundred-year-old red brick cast in glass. Each brick bears an imprint of the artist's spiritual homeland – 青岛 (Quingdao) – the name of the city. “My life has entered a stage of forgetting, but some experiences and memories have never been forgotten. When I left my hometown Qingdao to seek the way to become a professional artist, the city has changed dramatically and become unfamiliar for me. Although she is becoming more and more luxurious, I feel I have lost my homeland and the spiritual home…” [Suojia Zhang].

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