Romans Suta – 120. Universal Formula of Art

Romans Suta was recognized by his specific artistic manner and style, thanks to the fact, that he worked in various fields of art and created different types of art works. It seems, that he had discovered a universal art formula, that helped him to be so diverse and yet to be so whole in his art. 

Romans Suta was painter, graphic artist, stage and costume designer, master of applied arts, designer, book ilustrator, art critic and pedagogue. In the exhibtion, that will take place in exhibition halls of Latvian National Museum of Art and Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, there will be focus on all of these things, aswell as on his unusal personality – temperamental, controversial, enthusiastic.


Opening of the two large expositions will take place on Romans Suta birthday on April 28. Day before there will be international conference, which will be dedicated to questions about interaction of art and design.

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