Temporary tattoo set “Art”
The temporary tattoo collection “ART” has been created in collaboration with WINK.

Set consists of three A6 sheets of tattoos - each of them were inspired by artworks that are located in three museums of the legal entity Latvian National Museum of Art.


Latvian National Museum of Art main building tattoos present feminine characters that were a great inspirations for many artists of the beginning of the 20th century such as Janis Rozentals and his artwork “The Princess and the Monkey” etc


The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE tattoo’s design was inspired by the fragments of the colourful flower and fruit compositons of the Flemish and Dutch art of the 17th century


The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design tattoos present different fragments from the most popular Latvian graphic, design and applied arts.

The design was inspired by the masterpieces of Ansis Cirulis, Romans Suta and Julijs Straume.


Get to know Latvian artworks in the most stylish way!


Have a look at #winktattoo for more pictures and inspiration.


Specially designed by Kristiāna Kalniņa.


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