12 Friday Evening Personalities: The Subtlety of the Rococo Period
02.06.2017 18:00
Cultural researcher Deniss Hanovs on painter José Camarόn Bonanat (1731–1803) and the 18th century

The 12 FRIDAY EVENING PERSONALITIES discussion series is linked with the 12 CHARACTERS FROM PRADO exhibition. We will yield to the enchantment of the Spanish, French and Dutch culture in a leisurely way on twelve Friday evenings, with each evening being devoted to a specific work in the exhibition and the country which it represents.


Every Friday will be different with the format for the discussion determined by the individual lecturer. We have invited twelve well-known personalities from Latvia who will introduce us to palaces, royal houses, manners, music, the art of flirtation, social life and various other aspects of life, or the exact opposite – Spanish Catholic asceticism. In line with the wishes of the evening’s presenter, some of the events may also surprise you with music, theatre, flowers and many other, as yet, unnamed pleasures.



Art Museum RIGA BOURSE / Makarta Hall



Adults – 5.00 EUR;

pupils, students and seniors – 2.50 EUR.



The number of participants is limited (70 participants)



Tickets available at the Box Office of The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE

T: (+371)  67 357534 

E: Ieva.Andzane@lnmm.lv


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