AUCTION. Performance by Krisztián Gergye.
26.10.2017 19:00
The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE and the Embassy of Hungary to Latvia invites you to the dance performance AUCTION by Krisztián Gergye on Thursday, October 26, 2017, 7 PM.



AUCTION is a contemporary dance and theatrical thinking connecting a discourse with contemporary fine arts and painting. The performance focuses on a physical action which can be interpreted as a dance and a theatrical act. The further and final aim is to realize a fine art product which defines the stage act as a fine art gesture series. Gergye Krisztián’s work is marked by fine art approach and his art of dance can be discovered in his picture created in the end of the process. 

Gergye Krisztián’s work is characterised by fine art attitude. His homages to Schiele, Bacon and Freud were a kind of revelation on the Hungarian dance scene. Gergye does not want to flaunt in the title of an artist, he puts only the fine art gesture of creation on stage. Hereby, the abstraction of the art of dance can be found in the picture itself, and the art of dance does not become a line of gestures which can be interpreted in different ways, or which is hiding behind the abstraction itself.

Awards: Main Prize, VI. International Monodance Festival (2014)


ABOUT Krisztián Gergye:

Dancer, choreographer-director Krisztián Gergye (1976) seeks the purest and most straightforward way of formulation in the case of all topics and ideas, the genre which is the closest to the idea and the form which is the most unambiguous symbol of the idea. Krisztián Gergye started his stage career as a Javanese dancer. He spent a year in Java in 1998 where, as a Darmassiswa scholar, he studied the ancient Indonesian dance. Mixing tradition with a modern attitude he then created his own vocabulary for dance and body. He has been staging his own choreographies since 2001. Independent projects soon lead to permanent collaborations and finally his own company. His experiments lead him to the border territories between dance, straight plays and fine arts, an ambition his company’s motto, “not just dance” reflects well. As a dancer and choreographer, he has been a guest to nearly all famous Hungarian dance groups and performed in all contemporary dance theatres and venues. Between 2008 and 2013 he was a member of the Barka Theatre and the National Theatre. He has been awarded several prizes both for his creations and as a performer.


The performance will be a part of  „Hungarian Days 2017” organized by the Embassy of Hungary to Latvia.

Entrance with free ticket that can be received in advance at the box office of The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE.

Tickets are available in limited amount (100 seats)!


Extra information about the concert: or (+371) 67 357534.

Extra information about the “Hungarian Days 2017” can be found on Facebook - Ungārijas Dienas/ Hungarian Days in Riga.



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