CURATOR-LED MEDIA TOUR of the exhibition “Vija Celmins. Eleven Works and a Film”
30.01.2018 11:00
To mark the opening of the famous Latvian-born American artist Vija Celmins’ work exhibition, the Latvian National Museum of Art cordially invites journalists to join us with Dr. art. Elita Ansone for a curator-led media tour of the exposition "Vija Celmins. Eleven Works and a Film" on Tuesday, 30 January 2018, at 11.00. Venue: the Cupola Hall of the main building of the Latvian National Museum of Art (5th floor; Jaņa Rozentāla laukums 1, Riga).

In 2018, the art world of the USA marks Vija Celmins’ eightieth birthday with several major exhibitions. Simultaneously with the exhibition at the LNMA, Vija Celmins’ works will be shown in Matthew Marks Gallery in Los Angeles (27 January – 31 March 2018). In December 2018, the biggest exhibition of the artists’ oeuvre to date will be opened in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and will travel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2019.


The artist’s major retrospective in Latvia took place in the year of her 75th birthday in 2014 at the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE. This year, the year of the artist’s 80th birthday, the Latvian National Museum of Art wishes to acquaint its visitors with all Vija Celmins’ works in the museum’s collection, highlighting each as a unique jewel. These are eleven print sheets, the first of which was acquired by the museum in 1998, while the remainder – starting from 2012, when a fruitful and mutually interested collaboration with the artist was established. The museum has never previously exhibited all of these works together.


Juris Podnieks Studio’s documentary Vija Celmiņš. Territory, directed by Olafs Okonovs, will be shown throughout the duration of the exhibition.



Dr. art. Elita Ansone, Head of Collections and Scientific Research Department ARSENĀLS

(2nd Half of the 20th – 21st Century), Latvian National Museum of Art

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