Painting Gallery

The display of paintings is located in the grandest rooms of the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE – the Venetian Hall and adjacent Makart Hall.

Once upon a time balls were held here, magnificent mirrors glittered, music sounded from the balcony, lavish banquets were laid on and life was celebrated. Although the room’s function has completely changed, the magnificence and idea of enjoying life have been preserved – now we enjoy art here. The solid wood dividing walls and splendid gold frames harmonise with the opulent gilding of the walls. This is complemented by ascetic medieval Italian sculpture rich in forms of vitality.


The Historicism style interior with its artificial marble panels and gilded sculptural decoration takes an active part in forming the display room by determining the selection of concrete works. The collection is rich with wide possibilities for interpretation. This was ensured by the collectors of previous generations when bequeathing their diverse works to the city. The display has been arranged by chronologically systematising the best quality 16th – 19th century works by national school and genre. The works of national schools on display are roughly proportional to the number of works in the collection as a whole. As in the collection, Dutch, Flemish and German art dominates. The pride of the collection is 17th century painting of Northern European schools.