Western Gallery

The Western Gallery is dedicated to the magnificent collection of 18th–20th century Western European and stories about the Riga collectors.

The gallery has been deliberately given a 19th century feeling because it was this century that was the time of the formation of the building’s interior and enthusiastic collecting in Riga’s German environment. Of special value in the gallery is the collection of 18th century Meissen porcelain.


The heavy, polished showcases full of beautiful objects, the furniture with Boulle marquetry, clocks, wallpaper printed on ancient machines in Germany, parquet flooring, mirrors and gilded chandeliers – this all belongs not only to Riga’s golden age but also precisely characterises the specific nature of the museum’s collection. It is a reconstruction of long forgotten, perhaps never existing but possible relationships, a meeting place of objects and various fates. The interplay between the building and the museum collection has been formed so that the viewer will find it difficult to find the boundary.


Many art collectors whose collected items are now in the museum were once associated with the Riga Stock Exchange building; here they made their money and invested in art collections that were later partly bequeathed to the city of Riga and returned to the Stock Exchange building.