Paintings of the Nicholas Roerich

From September 11th 2018 paintings and graphic works by Nicholas Roerich (1874‒1947) will be on view at the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE permanent exhibition.

The fortunes of the collection are closely tied to those of the Latvian Roerich Society (1930‒1940). In this part of the exhibition we can see Nicholas Roerich’s painting works that were sent from India to the Latvian Roerich Society in the 1930s.


The paintings reveal the master’s finest painterly qualities of his India period – clean, saturated colours, a laconic, generalised form and expressive composition. The works on canvas and studies on cardboard are painted in tempera. The velvety surface of the tempera layer absorbs light and creates a special depth and saturation of the colours.


The Nicholas Roerich collection that was presented to Latvia – the land of their forefathers – has become an inalienable part of the state’s cultural heritage.


* As the paintings are sensitive to light, exhibition is periodically closed in order to ensure the preservation of artworks!