Roerich Painting Gallery

The exhibition of works by the outstanding artist and thinker Nicholas Roerich (1874–1947) is located on the third floor of the museum. The tranquillity of this room helps viewers to delve into the Himalayan peaks created by the master with an amazingly clean tempera palette.

Nicholas Roerich’s family roots are connected to Latvia, and since the 1930s Riga has a collection of his bestowed paintings, which the artist himself sent from India to the Latvian Roerich Society Museum (1930–1940).


The core of this display consists of the most iconic works of Nikolas Roerich's painting collection – The Path, On the Heights, Compassion, Kuluta, St. Sergius Chapel, Brahmaputra, as well as studies of Himalayan mountains. The artworks are supplemented with annotations and comments in Latvian, English and Russian. The exhibition features 18 paintings that will be changed periodically.


In addition, books dedicated to the life and work of Nicholas Roerich and his family can be found and read in the Gallery.