LECTURE: World picturing by contemporary artists, Imants Tillers in particular
Lecture of art historian and critic Terry Smith (USA / Australia)
21.08.2018 17:30
Led by Australian art historian and art critic Terry Smith

World picturing, placemaking, and forging connections between them are among the most prominent of the processes we use to make sense of our daily lives, and to understand what it is to be contemporary. Our times are defined by an accelerated complexity, ubiquitous connectedness, deepening differences, intense proximities, layered multiplicity, pervasive transitionality, and a vast violence. Artists such as Imants Tillers show us world pictures in operation, and imagine other ones. They highlight connective threads, or breakages, and point out pathways forward, detours or impasses. And they celebrate locality, or demonstrate dislocation, often as a loss but also, in some situations, as an opportunity. This lecture will outline a broad spectrum of such responses on the part of artists active throughout the world, and trace how Tillers has developed some unique pathways within and through these important contemporary processes.


The lecture will be given in English.



main building of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Conference Hall (1st floor).



Free entry.



Prior registration is not required.

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