Volunteer programme

The National Museum of Art’s volunteer programme provides its participants with an exclusive opportunity to acquaint themselves with the sites of the four museums and one exhibition hall, which make up the Latvian National Museum of Art, their current exhibitions, daily work, and gain a behind-the-scenes view of the five branches.

Volunteers of the programme, by participating in museum activities and receiving our training, are able to improve their knowledge of art and gain experience in the art world, all while expanding their circle of acquaintances. With their newfound knowledge, participants can also contribute to society by helping to make the Latvian National Museum of Art more accessible to the public through the promotion of dialogue between the museum and the community.



  • Latvian Museum Association Award "Zelta Puteklis" in the nomination "Lifelong Learning Project in Museum 2011";
  • European Union Lifelong Learning Programme project quality award “Wings 2013” in the nomination “Grundtvig Senior Volunteering”;
  • Latvian Museum Association Award "Zelta Puteklis" in the nomination "Lifelong Learning Project in Museum 2014";
  • "Volunteer of the Year 2014" to Herta Jansone;
  • Latvian Museum Association  Award "Zelta Puteklis" in the nomination "Volunteer of the Year 2016" to Jausma Kalēja;
  • “Volunteer of the Year 2017” to Necita Pundure;
  • “Volunteer of the Year 2019” to  Nora Gavare.



The Volunteer Programme of the Latvian National Museum of Art, initially titled Museum Ambassadors, was started in 2009 in response to changes in the living standards in Latvia caused by the global economic crisis. Through the Ambassador Programme, the Museum provided an opportunity for people with limited economic means to attend cultural events for free, while also serving as a feedback tool from visitors. The museum's Ambassadors began to engage in various other activities of the Museum, performing not only the ’messenger‘ function, but also doing practical work to improve the Museum's activities. During the European Year of Volunteering (2011) many new members joined the programme. Volunteers have shown themselves to improve and enrich the Museum's work with their intellectual skills as well as by actively speaking and reporting to the public about the positive experiences and interesting events taking place at the Museum.


For further information concerning the Volunteer Programme of Latvian National Museum of Art refer to the brochure.



Undīne Perse-Vilerte, Volunteer Programme Coordinator

T: (+371) 67 324461

E: undine.vilerte@lnmm.lv