Ancient Egypt Chamber Ancient Egypt Chamber

Ancient Egypt Chamber

The Ancient Egypt Chamber is located in one of the three large safes of the former Riga stock exchange. The doors decorated in neo-Gothic style have retained their original form allowing us to visualise the time when it was an important and well-guarded room.

Next to the entrance of the Chamber, a significant work of the collection is displayed – the granite sculpture of Meryra, a high-ranking official of the 18th Dynasty of the New Kingdom. There are pre-Dynasty period Badari-Naqada ceramics and ritual palettes of various shapes, made between 4400 – 3200 BC exhibited in the Chamber. These are also the oldest objects in the museum collection.

The Dynasty period is represented with alabaster vessels and cosmetic jars, scarabs, amulets, shabti figurines, bronze statuettes of deities and holy animals.

A wooden sarcophagus with a mummy is placed in the centre of the Chamber. The sarcophagus was made during the Third Intermediate Period, at the beginning of the 22nd Dynasty (c. 945-900 BC).