Mythopoetic figures Mythopoetic figures
Museum Storage Facility and FOREST OF SCULPTURES

Mythopoetic figures

The exhibition of seven granite sculptures introduces the artwork of the 2nd half of the 20th century, created by the sculptors Laimons Blumbergs, Ojārs Feldbergs, Lilija Līce, Ojārs Siliņš, Juris Zihmanis, and Zenta Zvāra.

The common motive of the selection “Mythopoetic figures” invites exploring how significant characters and phenomena from Latvian folklore, mythology, literature, and nature are envisaged through sculpture.

All the works reflect the stone sculpture tradition characteristic of the time: generalized, clear forms that highlight the qualities of the hard and exceptionally beautiful material – granite. Each sculpture can be viewed as a separate gem that tells the story of the age of its creation, demonstrates the handwriting of the author and the motive explored in the artwork as well as invites to appreciate the manifold nature and tone of granite.

The exposition endeavors a contemporary interpretation of the artworks of the Latvian National Museum of Art in the urban space, facilitates the accessibility and understanding of art, partly compensates for the insufficiently of art experience in various social groups as well as demonstrates and promotes the Museum Storage Facility and its territory as an open and accessible cultural space.

The author of the visual conception of the exposition is the sculptor Gļebs Panteļejevs.

Outdoor sculpture exposition next to the Museum Storage Facility on Pulka street 8, is accessible free of charge all year long, every day during daylight hours. Individual visits are possible also within the conditions of the pandemic safety measures. In the future, it is planned to supplement the exposition with excursions and education programs for different target groups.

In 2021, State Culture Capital Foundation (VKKF) established the program “KultūrElpa” to support and facilitate cultural creative activities in the conditions of the Covid-19 crisis and to maintain the viability of the field of culture in these deeply adverse conditions for culture and society. The Ministry of Culture’s budgetary funds for unforeseen expenses were invested within this program. The project is implemented with the support of the VKKF target program "KultūrElpa”.

The Curator of the Exposition

Arta Vārpa, LNMM Curator of the Latvian Sculpture Collection
The Latvian National Museum of Art expresses its gratitude for the collaboration of “State Real Estate”, Latvia, as well as Ltd. “Alfa Metāls” and Armands Mārtinsons personally.