Interactive experience "Rīgas audums" Interactive experience "Rīgas audums"
Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

Interactive experience "Rīgas audums"

Hundreds of “Rīgas audums” printed fabric patterns give us an idea about the fashion, leading art styles, technological development of the time, and tell us about textile artists’ creativeness.

“Rīgas audums” textile factory is one of the most recognizable names in the industrial history of Latvia. In the interwar period, Roberts Hiršsʼ owned company was a flourishing silk weaving and printing enterprise. After the Second World War, it was nationalized and until its closure in the 1990s it operated under the Ministry of Light Industry of the Latvian SSR.

In its first ten years, “Rīgas audums” became the leading brand in the fashion space of Latvia and the local ambassador of Paris vogue. Designed by artists and decorators, the company’s eye-catching display windows with live models acted like a magnet dragging Riga shoppers and passers-by back to his store.