Ticket prices

6,00 EUR      For adults
4,80 EUR      For adults in group (10 or more participants)

2,00 EUR      For school students
1,60 EUR      For school students in group (10 or more participants)

3,00 EUR      For students and seniors
2,40 EUR      For students and seniors in group (10 or more participants)

Family ticket

5,00 EUR      Visiting the entire museum for 1 adult with 1-4 children or one large family ("3+ Family card" owners)

7,00 EUR      Visiting the entire museum for 2 adult with 1-4 children

Annual ticket

Annual ticket is valid one year from the date of purchase and includes free visit to permanent displays and exhibitions in all art museums

50,00 EUR    For adults
30,00 EUR    For students and seniors

Guided tours

30,00 EUR     Guided tour in Latvian
40,00 EUR     Guided tour in a foreign language

Please apply for guide services at least 1 month in advance:
Ph: (+371) 25 732 122

Useful information

Information about free admission is available here
Information about venue renting is available here
Information about photo sessions is available here