A Kilogram of Culture 2022 A Kilogram of Culture 2022
Latvian National Museum of Art

Latvian Public Media Annual Award:
A Kilogram of Culture 2022

On February 17, the laureates of the Latvian Public Media Annual Award in Culture "A Kilogram of Culture 2022" were awarded. The viewers and listeners recognized the exhibition and monograph "PURVĪTIS" as the most brilliant cultural event of the past year.

The curator of the exhibition "PURVĪTIS" of the Latvian National Museum of Art was Aija Brasliņa, the compiler of the monograph published by "Neputns" was Laima Slava.

Although over the years a larger number of publications dedicated to the outstanding painter Vilhelms Purvītis have been issued, it must be admitted that until now none of them were able to provide a truly comprehensive and visually qualitative insight into his life and work. In the year of the master's 150th anniversary, the new edition aims to fill this gap - the monograph "Purvītis", which includes a voluminous album of his works with an introduction by LNMA director Māra Lāce and dr. Art. Kristiāna Ābele's in-depth and new revelations-rich study "Landscape with the painter" about the life and art activities of Vilhelms Purvītis.

"The landscapes painted by Vilhelms Purvītis make us stop, look, pierce our eyes into the canvas, meditate, admire and remember everything that we saw each day in the Latvian nature. The wide, carefully considered anniversary exhibition and thorough monograph provide a complete coverage and understanding of the life and work of the masterful 20th century Latvian art classic, of his importance in the development of our country's art and also of Latvia's place in the European art world at the beginning of the last century," the "Kilogram of Culture" event jury describes.

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